Hot Water Cylinder News

Replacement elson tank

Replacement of Custom Elson Hot Water Tank

McDonald Engineers UK has demonstrated its expert ability in supplying exact replacements for discontinued Elson tanks by manufacturing a replacement for an unusual custom Elson unit which had failed.

The bespoke units were designed to fit within a bathroom and were installed above the toilet, and so, to prevent sore heads, the tanks feature an angular wedge-shape.

McDonald Engineers UK customised their CUBEflow Electric Thermal Store solution to create a 110 litre unit measuring 960mm high by 450mm wide and 575mm deep with 2 x 3kW immersions.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders Training

Thursday 7th June 2018

Our highly popular POWERflow Unvented Installation Course will be held at our factory in Glenrothes in conjunction with 1st Class Gas Training and Assessment.

The course will last for one day and include

Rectangular Thermal Stores Delivers Dramatic Savings on Installation Costs

McDonald Engineers UK has shown why the company is becoming the installer’s preferred choice for hot water cylinders by enabling a plumbing and heating contractor to dramatically reduce the installation times of thermal stores on the refurbishment project of a high-rise apartment.

The installation contractor was replacing existing combination vented cylinders with 140 litre THERMflow thermal store cylinders with a 500mm diameter in 60 apartments on behalf of a housing association.

Semi Instantaneous Hot Water Solution for Glasgow Swimming Pool

McDonald Engineers UK has designed, manufactured and supplied a 300 litre PLATEflow semi-instantaneous hot water solution to ensure the patrons at a Glasgow swimming pool never have to face cold showers.

The system features a 74kW brazed plate heat exchanger which can deliver a constant supply of hot water at 19 litres per minute with the 300 litre buffer vessel available to cope with any peak in demand which requires an additional supply.

Major CUBEflow Contract for 8 Storey Apartment Block

McDonald Engineers have designed, manufactured and supplied 160 of its CUBEflow Electric rectangular tanks for the refurbishment of three 8 storey apartment blocks for a local authority in Scotland.

The aim of the project was to replace the existing 120 litre combination cylinders with a solution which would improve efficiency whilst delivering the same level of performance and freeing up valuable cupboard space for the tenants.

McDonald Engineers UK manufacture Copper Thermal Stores

Electric Thermal Stores for Apartment Block

McDonald Engineers UK has secured the contract to design, manufacture, and supply 32No Electric Thermal Stores for an Apartment Block in Newcastle for a major housing association.

The apartments were being refurbished and McDonald Engineers UK was asked to survey the existing hot water storage solution and propose a suitable alternative.

Bespoke Thermal Store to Create Two Hot Water Systems

McDonald Engineers has manufactured a bespoke thermal store for a luxury property which enabled the client to replace his existing boiler to create two separate hot water systems to serve the two levels in the 5 bedroom home.
McDonald Engineers worked closely with the client to design a thermal store solution which featured two hot water coils, one for each bathroom, together with the smallest combi boiler to provide hot water to the kitchen.
300 litre rectangular thermal store with multiple fuel sources for renewable energy heating specialists

How to Maximise Capacity in Minimum Space with a Thermal Store

McDonald Engineers UK has demonstrated its expertise and experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke hot water storage solutions by delivering a 300 litre rectangular thermal store with multiple fuel sources to one of the UK’s leading renewable energy heating specialists.
Having worked with McDonald Engineers on custom-designed hot water storage solutions for several years, the client discussed the project with our technical sales team and emailed a hand-drawn sketch with their thoughts.