Hot Water Solutions for Housing Associations

Hot Water Cylinders for Housing AssociationsMcDonald Engineers UK has been enabling housing associations the length and breadth of the UK to deliver the optimum hot water solutions for their tenants for over 70 years.

That is because we are the only manufacturer of copper hot water cylinder to specialize in designing and manufacturing cylinders to suit your exact needs. 

Whether its including renewable energy sources such as solar thermal or heat pumps, tweaking cylinder sizes to suit water demand of the homes or moving connections to tie in with existing pipework, we are more than happy to help.

Why?  Well we know that small changes to your hot water cylinders can deliver major savings on cost when it comes to roll outs across numerous homes – and even more so on large housing stocks.

And it’s not just on the initial cost. Our technical expertise can help improve the efficiency on any cylinder by improving the coil, optimizing the capacity or increasing the insulation – all key influencers on the energy bills and therefore carbon footprint of your housing stock.

That’s why we are happy to spend a little more time at the design stage to ensure the cylinder you receive isn’t just a quick fix but the most effective and efficient solution on the market.

So where can we help?

Delivering Savings on Emergency Replacement Hot Water Cylinders

Hot Water Cylinder leaks and failures may be uncommon, but they can be stressful situations for all parties involved from the tenant to housing officers.

We can minimize down time and costs in emergency replacement situations by supplying exact replacement of your hot water cylinders – no matter what the shape, size or original manufacturer.  This even includes manufacturing the cylinders with connections which match the existing layout exactly.

This not only dramatically reduces the installation time but avoids the expense of amending pipework on site.

Thanks to our modern factory we can manufacture the tanks very quickly, sometimes within 24 hours, depending on size and specification. This can mean you don’t have to find alternative accommodation for your residents.

Keep our sales office number on hand, should you ever have an urgent requirement, 01592 611123

Delivering More Efficient Hot Water Cylinders for Refurbishment Programmes

Many housing associations are now looking to capitalise on the advancement in technology as well as renewable energy as part of their ongoing refurbishment programmes.

Our technical team can help to improve the efficiency of hot water systems by maximizing the energy transfer, minimizing the heat loss and reducing the heat recovery times in your cylinder – the key factor in ongoing energy usage.

We can also work with your project team to create call off programmes, minimize disruption and reduce installation times.

Contact us now on 01592 611123 to discuss your refurbishment programme now

Hot Water Cylinders for New Build Programmes

We can help you to achieve the new demands being placed on social housing in terms of key performance criteria by helping to specify the right hot water cylinder to ensure the right balance between capital expenditure and operating costs

We can also work closely with design and build contractors as well as local authorities to ensure the needs of all parties are met.


Case Studies

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