Electric Central Heating

Electric Central Heating systems can adopt a similar approach to conventional central heating with traditional radiators fed by hot water flowing through pipes and heated by an electric boiler, such as the McDonald Engineers ELECTRAflow.
This form of Electric Central Heating is more commonly referred to as Electric Wet Central Heating and has grown in popularity as people look to move away from the less efficient night storage heating systems.
The Electric Wet Central Heating System, is regularly used in a wide range of properties from new builds to refurbishments. It is particularly suited to multi-storey buildings and apartments within high rise flats, as well as rural homes with no natural gas supply, as an alternative to LPG and oil-fired boilers. But Electric Central Heating offers so many more benefits that simply as a last alternative when gas is not available.
By using Electric Central Heating you can also enjoy the benefits of:
  • No gas certification required to install the system
  • No annual boiler maintenance
  • No flue required, making it easy to install anywhere in the property
  • 99% efficiency on heat transfer
  • No need for gas pipes to enter the building and no external oil or LPG tanks

Types of Electric Wet Heaters

The Electric Wet Central Heating system can use a number of different boiler systems, however Thermal Store units offer the most flexibility, generally suiting all tariffs, as well as being able to incorporate multiple fuel sources such as solar, solid fuel and certain heat pumps.
Unvented electric wet and Vented electric wet boilers are also readily available as sometimes these may be a better option for certain applications.

ELECTRAflow Electric Wet Central Heating from McDonald Engineers UK

McDonald Engineers ELECTRAflow provides primary hot water to heat standard “wet” radiators as well as domestic hot water.
The market leading system uses the latest in high efficiency, long life immersion elements to maximise heat transfer and offers one of the most flexible and cost effective electric central heating systems on the market today.
The system is managed by a custom made easy to use controller which features a 7 day programmable time switch to ensure you have hot water and heating exactly when you need it. 

CUBEflow Rectangular Electric Wet Central Heating System

McDonald Engineers also offer a rectangular hot water tank which can supply the electric wet system.  The CUBEflow system can be more flexible in dimensions with a wide range of heights, widths and depths.
The CUBEflow Rectangular Electric Units are often used as a direct replacement for the discontinued Elson Opal, Elson Maxistore and Elson Coral E.
Contact us today for details of which electric water heating units and options are best for your Electric Wet System.